Carlo Basile

Representative Carlo Basile may be rough around the edges, a sort of no-holds-bar politician that speaks his mind.

But under the Eastie bravado is a sensitive man that cares deeply about people and his community. Basile is the type of guy that will give you the shirt off his back is you needed it more than him.

The picture below says it all.

In the photo taken during the Annual Wounded Veterans Ride shows Basile tenderly greeting Marine Lance Corporal Nick Eufrazio, of Plymouth. Eufrazio served with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force in Helmand Province, Afghanistan when shrapnel from a grenade wounded him in 2010. Corporal Eufrazio has a traumatic brain injury and currently going through surgeries to replace parts of his skull. Corporal Eufrazio is currently in the Tampa VA Medical Center.

The night before the Vet Ride, Basile took Eufrazio and the other two wounded veterans out for dinner.

After the dinner, Basile said he was touched by each soldier’s story, so much so it was hard not to cry.

When Basile is passionate about something he puts his heart and soul into it and as the new Chairman of Veterans Affairs in the House he is working to make sure veterans returning home have the quality of life they deserve.

We applaud his efforts, efforts that should mean more as we remember the soldiers that died in combat fighting for freedom this Memorial Day weekend.

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