O’Donnell Students Show Their Boston Strong

Last Friday students from the Hugh Roe O’Donnell Elementary School showed their ‘Boston Strong’ spirit with a parade through Eagle Hill to show support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Students wore Boston sports shirts, held homemade signs and chanted ‘We are Boston. We are Strong’.

The parade marked the end of a weeklong fundraising effort by students and staff at the school for the One Fund Boston.

“We wanted to make sure the entire neighborhood knew we were in support of the 1 Boston Fund initiative and support the victims of the Marathon Attack,” said O’Donnell Principal C. Sura O’Mard.

O’Mard said that each student was asked to pay $1 so they could have a dress down day at the school Friday. The $1 donation to the One Fund Boston allowed students to come into school wearing Boston-inspired tee shirts and hats.

“Students could bring in $1 or more and were asked to wear something that shows their Boston pride,” said O’Mard “One student brought in her piggybank and emptied the entire thing in our collection box so the students are well aware of what happened and want to help any way they can.”

Teachers at the school then decided to match the money raised in each of their classrooms.

“We raised a total of $542 for the One Fund Boston,” said O’Mard. “We are planning on doing another event between now and the end of the school year. The students came up with the idea of doing a second fundraiser because they really want to reach $1,000 for the fund.”

After the Boston Marathon attack, Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Thomas Menino launched the One Fund Boston. The fund raises money to help those families most affected by the tragic events that killed three and hurt or maimed 300 people during the Boston Marathon.

To date the fund has raised over $20 million for the victims of the attack.

To contribute to The One Fund Boston, click on onefundboston.org.

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