Manny Lopes Appointed New CEO of EBNHC

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center’s new CEO Many Lopes with wife Lee at a recent EBNHC function.

Anyone involved in the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center knows that Manny Lopes is a dedicated leader and one of the most recognizable figures in and around town.

So it came as no surprise last week when President Jack Cradock and the Health Center’s Chairwoman Rita Sorrento announced Lopes as the new CEO of EBNHC. Cradock, who served as both President and CEO will remain on as EBNHC’s president through 2014. Cradock will concentrate on external relationships and providing advice and support to the new management team.

“Manny’s breadth of experience at EBNHC provides him with an unparalleled understanding of the health center, our community, and the vital importance of providing high-quality health care to those we serve,” said Cradock. “This extraordinary insight, combined with Manny’s expertise and leadership acumen, means that we’re in excellent hands. Please join us in congratulating Manny on his spectacular achievement.”

Lopes appointment to CEO is the culmination of a strategic succession planning process that involved senior management and the health center’s Board of Directors over the past several years.

Lopes’ ascension is a story that embodies EBNHC’s mission and commitment to the community.

More than two decades ago, Lopes joined the health center as an 18-year-old researcher, working with Dr. Jim Taylor on a blood pressure study. In the ensuing years, Lopes went on to hold positions in the Human Resource and Operations Departments. Lopes later served as the Health Center’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer, providing organizational vision and leadership with an eye for technology and collaborative innovation.  In 2010, Manny assumed the role of Deputy Chief Executive Officer and began working closely with Cradock as part of the health center’s succession plan.

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