Hubway Bicycles for Eastie?

There was a great deal of fanfare last week in Boston when the mayor announced that Hubway – the temporary bicycle rental firm that has become so popular with tourists and residents – will be adding an additional 400 bicycles and new racks of them in the neighborhoods to meet expanding demand for the service.

Why not several Hubway rental possibilities in East Boston?

Bicycling this neighborhood’s waterfront area and neighborhoods would be challenging but it would also be invigorating and exciting for visitors here.

Cruising around this neighborhood on a bicycle, stopping to enjoy its food treats, bits of history and fabulous views of Boston and the water – well, it doesn’t really get better than that.

Hubway is a perfect fit for Eastie. The sooner we get bicycles over here, the sooner there is another reason for tourists to visit here and to enjoy an alternative venue.

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