New Tennis Courts Groundbreaking at Constitution Beach

The state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) broke ground last Thursday on the planned rehab of the aging tennis courts at Constitution Beach.

DCR’s $300,000 project will demolish and replace the two tennis courts at the beach with a new three tennis court facility. The project would also install new landscaping, new fencing, improve site drainage and add more trees for shade.

DCR’s Mark McLean said this project aims to improve user experience, safety, accessibility, accommodate increased user demand and improve current drainage conditions at the court.”

McLean said preliminary work on the three-month project to replace the courts began last month and should be finished by the first week of July.

There was some concern that the courts would not be ready in time for Tenacity, a successful free youth program that tutors area kids in reading and tennis. Tenacity usually begins the second week in July and runs until August.

McLean said the work scheduled was proposed in order to wrap up construction before tenacity begins.

Other concerns from residents included the need for more safety and security at the tennis courts. Historically, the courts have been used during the summer as a meeting place for teens. Sometimes the groups of teens that congregate at the beach at night can be unruly.

Representatives from the State Police have assured residents that if any problems at the courts this summer should arise they would be ready to respond and stifle any threat to the quality of life for residents in the area.  The courts were flagged by DCR as needing resurfacing back in 2006. DCR sought guidance from the United States Tennis Association on design and orientation of the proposed new courts.  In March, the DCR presented its changes to the beach courts to the Boston Conservation Commission and began permitting the project.

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