Details Are Slow to Materialize in Brutal Attack on Webster St.

Detectives from the homicide Unit as well as the sexual Assault Unit are working closely with investigators from district A-7 to determine the facts and circumstances of the violent attack of a woman on Webster street last Wednesday.

There is still a shroud of mystery surrounding the violent attack of an East Boston woman last Wednesday on Webster Street. The woman remains in serious condition at an area hospital with life-threatening injuries.

People who knew the woman, whose name has not been released by investigators, have reported that there is a possibility that she was a victim of domestic violence and moved to Eastie several years ago to escape an abusive relationship.

The woman, in her 20’s, had been living on Webster Street for nearly three years and was often seen by neighbors walking her two bullmastiffs in the neighborhood.

On Wednesday, September 21 at 7 a.m. one of those neighbors found her battered and bloodied body in a vacant lot next to 228 Webster St.

“I was getting my newspapers from the porch from recycling when I saw her and screamed…I thought she was dead,” said the neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. “She must have heard me yell because that’s when she began to move…I hope I never see anything like that again in my life.”

The neighbor, who saw the victim on a daily basis, did not recognize her due to the disfiguring wounds to her head and face.

“She was a mess,” said the neighbor.

The neighbor also reported that whoever attacked the woman had stripped her naked and placed her clothes in a pile next to her body. Investigators found the victim’s dog and cell phone nearby.

Detectives from the Homicide Unit as well as the Sexual Assault Unit are working closely with investigators from District A-7 to determine the facts and circumstances of this incident.

It is unclear at this time whether or not a sexual assault did occur; however, detectives are investigating the possibility.

It was also reported, according to sources, that the police were seeking the victim’s ex-boyfriend for questioning. The police would not confirm if that was true and would only say the investigation is ongoing.

However, the general consensus in the neighborhood is that the attack was not random.

Usually, in the case of a random violent act against a woman, like the one that occurred a few years back in Bremen Street Park, the police would immediately put out an alert to residents that a dangerous person is on the loose.

This has not happened yet and all the action done by police and investigators to this point seems to be pointing towards the attack being domestic and not random.

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