The Connector: A Green Light from the Mayor

Last week, Mayor Thomas Menino added his considerable influence to the neighborhood effort for a greenway connector that will do so much to make this a better place to live.

We applaud the mayor for his support. We welcome it. His voice, added to the crescendo of other voices seeking this improvement, is exactly what is needed to bring this effort to a successful close.

Massport, we can be assured, will fall right into line, with regard to the connector.

Massport will do this because, frankly, it is the right thing to do – and Massport, for all its faults, tends to ultimately do the right thing for East Boston.

Greenway proponents all want the same thing – the right to use a 25 foot corridor between the proposed Logan Bus Depot and the neighborhood as a way of connecting Bremen Street Park to Constitution Beach.

This would, once and for all, be the ultimate connection this neighborhood has been seeking for years – and an opportunity to literally bring together the waterfront parks with other park space and airport edge buffers.

Bottom line, there would be one continuous, contiguous park system for joggers, bicyclists, roller bladers, strollers and on and on.

Mayor Menino’s support would appear to put this project over the top and into a being done category.

Such is the power and the vision of the mayor.

All that remains is Massport’s OK and its considerable support and voila, the Greenway will become a reality.

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