Man of the Hour – Menino is in Top Form During East Boston Event

More than 600 people attended Mayor Thomas Menino’s fundraiser at the Logan Hilton on Sunday morning.

By any measure, it was a huge time for the mayor who made remarks that on the one hand will keep him a contender for a possible next term while at the same time prevented his present term – if it is his last – from becoming irrelevant.

By all accounts, the mayor sounded like he is going to run again. He has no intention of being a lame duck leader during this present term. He will not quietly be put into that delimiting space.

Political experts claim this is how one maintains his stature at Boston City Hall after so many years…by letting it out that you are thinking of running again.

And this is exactly what the mayor did with his remarks Sunday morning.

When you think about it, what is the mayor going to do if he is not the mayor?

Would he want to retire quietly to his home in Readville?

We don’t think so.

Retiring is not in the cards for the mayor.

Over the years, we have seen politicians come and go. The mayor has remained. In fact, he has grown more beloved to voters and stronger over the years. In addition, his stature with his friends and co-workers at city hall has never been higher.

All of this led to his commanding victory over Michael Flaherty and Sam Yoon in the past election.

If much younger men with much higher ambitions couldn’t beat the entrenched mayor, then who can?

It is impossible to predict who will come out of the city of Boston to challenge the mayor the next time around.

A lot can happen in the next three years.

Barring unforeseen health issues and the nominal problems exacerbated by age, Mayor Menino is a likely candidate for re-election.

He’ll hedge all around the question right now but when push comes to shove and everything about his life once again has to be put on the line politically, he will not shy away from another run.

Unless his time has come and he reads clearly on the wall the handwriting that says he is gone, he will be a candidate for re-election.

You can bet on it. It is his life and he is not yet done with being the mayor of Boston.

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