Chuck Turner – Councillor is removed by his colleagues

The Boston City Council expelled one its own last week when it voted to remove Councillor Charlie Turner.

The vote was 11-1 with Councillor Charles Yancy voting against expulsion.

Councillor Sal LaMattina voted for the expulsion and in public comments he made, revealed that as much as he considered Turner a loyal colleague, he could not vote to have him remain on the council because of Turner’s Federal conviction for public corruption.

Turner remains adamant about his innocence.

He says the FBI poisoned the Federal jury that found him guilty.

We believe that is a long stretch from the truth of the matter, which is, he got caught, got tried on the evidence and got convicted by a jury of his peers.

It doesn’t get much more fair than that.

At his sentencing in January, Turner will receive what he deserves – a jail sentence of some length and an admonishment from the sentencing judge that Turner should take responsibility for what he did.

We are all responsible for our own actions –  except, it appears, for Chuck Turner.

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