Health Care for All – But at what cost?

The Democrats celebrated a triumph when the health care reform bill passed Sunday.

It was a victory for the 30 million or so Americans who cannot afford to have health insurance.

It was also a victory for those who have children or family members applying for health insurance with pre-existing conditions.

They can no longer be denied.

In addition, it comes as good news for those out there who have homes and retirement accounts that might otherwise be taken to pay for medical care.

This won’t be happening anymore.

Health care reform has finally begun.

But the main question for many people and for all the Republicans in Congress – as not one Republican voted for the bill – is how much will it cost? And will any funding be used for abortions?

Republicans get real fired up about the government. They tend to hate spending money for the people, especially for those who can’t afford health insurance as if to say – if they can’t take care of themselves, too bad. Let them get sick and let them die and let their children and elderly die.

It was correct to go to Afghanistan then to Iraq where we’ve spent $1 trillion – and for what?

More than 3,000 brave Americans have died, another 300,000 have been wounded and for what?

This is the legacy of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

We live with it everyday.

Some Republicans on the floor of the House Sunday evening during the debate were all twisted up about health care reform. Listening to them, one after the other, spouting about God and country, one might have thought the future of the American Republic was at risk – that by giving 30 million have-nots health insurance the empire would be brought to a state of collapse.

There is no doubt health care reform is going to be costly.

But there is absolutely not a hint of question that health care reform was necessary, as Social Security solvency is necessary as Medicare solvency is necessary.

Here in Everett there will be sighs of relief among those thousands who do not have health insurance, who have children with pre-existing conditions and who stand to lose their homes and retirements to runaway health care costs.

The Republicans have sworn to fight on against the bill that has been passed. They want to make sure abortions are not paid for out of this bill and to make sure as well that those who are born into poverty instead of being aborted, are guaranteed no health insurance.

The Republicans wouldn’t give needy Americans ice in the winter. In time, the health care reform bill will be deemed a great piece of the great society we live in – but not right now.

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