LNG Tanker – Discussion shouldn’t fade when Yemeni tanker leaves Boston Harbor

The first LNG tanker from Yemen slipped through the utterly placid waters of Boston Harbor on its way to docking in Everett on the low tide Tuesday morning.

Those of you standing along the East Boston shoreline saw a ship slip under the Tobin Bridge that looked so big you might have reached out to touch it.

Once again, the Coast Guard told us the delivery of LNG to the Distrigas Terminal is safe.

Once again, the LNG ship docked without incident.

There’s the rub.

We agree with Mayor Thomas Menino when he complains to the Coast Guard that it will take but one delivery that goes wrong to change our lives forever.

He is absolutely right.

LNG should be off-loaded off-shore and pipe into the terminal in Everett.

End of discussion if one truly believes in safety first.

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