Ranking Unjustified – J.D. Power’s assessment of Logan Airport is off course

The J.D. Power Company performs customer-satisfaction studies.

It’s recent report on Logan Airport, which it ranked about the lowest in its look at major airports in America, is way off base.

East Boston residents have had a love – hate relationship with the airport for about 50 years.

Being employed there is one thing.

Having to live here impacted by the pollution and the traffic is another.

This being said, those of us who use the airport or who make part of our living covering what happens there for the newspaper will agree … Logan is OK for travelers coming and going. It is OK for its employees and basically, it is a far nicer airport than many, many others we have visited across the land.

It is clean. It is safe. It is orderly. It is even architecturally unique in some parts.

It is a hamlet compared to much larger airports like those in New York City or Chicago or Los Angeles, which are like cities existing within cities.

We’re not sure what exactly J.D. Power Company saw that we don’t see at Logan Airport.

To our way of thinking, it is run pretty well by people who care and who are very responsive.

It is one thing to dislike the airport and Massport.

It is another to make the erroneous claim that the place isn’t run right..

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