It’s only the beginning – Capuano has time to catch Coakley

Our Congressman Mike Capuano is reaching for the stars as he attempts to gain the US Senate seat held by the late Edward Kennedy.

In order to gain victory in such an attempt, Capuano must literally and figuratively come out of himself. That is, he must act in every way more like a US Senator than like the congressman we have all come to know and to like.

This is easier said than done but we’re sure Capuano will master the art of gaining this seat by the time it comes to Election Day.

Capuano has been a great friend of East Boston and of all the cities and towns he represents in this area.

Getting to know Mike Capuano is to get to like him.

He has grown into a great voice in the Congress and we would expect he could grow into a great voice in the senate.

From our viewpoint, he is perfect.

He is a liberal in every way.

We don’t agree with everything he stands for – but we agree on major issues like personal freedoms, pro-choice, health care reform, banking reform, Social Security reform … before it is too late.

Capuano’s voice is strong and unambiguous.

He is unafraid to articulate his beliefs. This makes him valuable to us and dangerous to those who stand on the other side of him.

In order to be given the late Senator Kennedy’s mantel, he must rise first to that stature and then into that place.

Again, this is easier said than done.

Attorney General Martha Coakley is the odds on favorite to beat Capuano.

However, the people saying that for the most part don’t understand how hard and smart Capuano will fight, and how right he is about the great issues of the day.

Coakley may be ahead right now.

Let’s revisit the situation in three weeks.

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