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Reset of Plan: East Boston Process

To the Editor,

Boston City Councilor Gabriela Coletta sent Mayor Michelle Wu her comment letter on Wednesday, April 26, regarding feedback she received from the community on the PLAN: East Boston process.

“I cannot support the proposed PLAN: East Boston as presented to the neighborhood. I have heard from many residents about the community process and am calling for a reset,” said Councilor Gabriela Coletta. “As this initiative has progressed, I’ve reiterated that residents must drive this planning and development process to define what East Boston will look like for future generations. In my conversations with residents, there are a wide range of concerns and areas of disagreement, and we cannot move forward without addressing them. We need to build trust among everyone involved to ensure that PLAN: East Boston is community-led and representative of the neighborhood’s voice.”

As part of this new conversation, Councilor Coletta is urging consideration and integration of the following: greater focus on the preservation of existing housing stock, protections against flipping ADUs, clarification on maximum square footage and setbacks, more comprehensive parking and transit planning, investments in affordable housing, city services needs analysis (trash, public safety, etc.), building trust with the Zoning Board of Appeals, and elongating the timeline of review for the plan.

Moving forward, the Councilor encourages residents to engage with her office as the neighborhood moves forward to define what East Boston looks like for future generations. Councilor Coletta looks forward to ensuring that any planning and zoning process adequately incorporates community feedback.

Gabriela Coletta

Boston City Councilor

District One

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