64 Homer Street Vote Coming Soon

By Michael Coughlin Jr.

During the Harbor View Neighborhood Association’s (HVNA) monthly meeting on Monday, Mar. 6, residents were informed of a future vote incoming pertaining to what to do with the land at 64 Homer Street. 64 Homer Street is a parcel of land that has been vacant for several years, and now, HVNA Board Member Skip Marcella says, “The City is looking to do something with that particular land.” During next month’s meeting, the HVNA will be hosting Theresa Strachila from GrowBoston (the Office of Urban Agriculture). Strachila will help ensure that abutters to the site and the neighborhood association itself can give their opinions regarding the parcel. According to Marcella, residents will be tasked with voting if the land should remain open space or be put up for sale. “The owner of the property next door, you know, had expressed an interest in that property for himself in terms of his family, and that may still be on the table – I don’t know,” said Marcella. “We’ve tried to reach out to the family and haven’t had much success in that.” Marcella also alluded to the idea that there had been talks about a potential use for this space being for Eastie Farm – a non-profit organization that focuses on climate justice, food access, and community resilience. “The neighborhood association here has had requests from Eastie Farm to be able to support them. Maybe providing some open space there, maybe growing some vegetables there or flowers for the community. So that’s one thought for that open space,” said Marcella. Moreover, per the city’s website, the Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) has been gathering feedback from the community, and as recently as Feb. 22, there have been discussions of the land being used as an Urban Farm. Furthermore, the city’s website is advertising this meeting for Apr. 3 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Salesian Boys & Girls Club. “Hopefully, people will have an opportunity to provide their input and their thoughts on what should happen with that parcel of land,” said Marcella.

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