East Boston Democratic Ward Committee to Elect Delegates on March 5

On Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th, democratic delegates will gather virtually, as well as at the DCU Center in Worcester, to endorse candidates for statewide office, including Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary, Attorney General and Auditor, ahead of the Democratic Primary this September.

On Saturday, March 5 at 10am East Boston Democrats will gather at a location to be determined to elect delegates to the convention during the Ward 1 Democratic Committee’s caucus.

ViceChair of the Ward ! Democratic Committee, Brian Gannon, said the delegates elected at caucus will go on to the Democratic State Convention in June.

“If you’re new to the neighborhood, you’ll probably come to realize that we vote a lot in East Boston and there’s a lot of elections and opportunities to get involved politically,” said Gannon. “What the the caucus is is where we elect delegates that go to the state convention and those delegates will vote on Democratic platform issues at the convention but also decides which candidates for state races that the Democratic Party will endorse. So, this year being an election year, it’s an opportunity to get there and cast a vote for one of the Democratic candidates running for governor, attorney general, lieutenant governor.”

Gannon said any Eastie Democrat can show up to the caucus and can either run for being a delegate, or they can vote for delegates to go to the convention.

“So attending the convention is pretty cool,” said Gannon. “It’s a neat way to experience politics in Massachusetts.”

Delegates, alternates, and guests will be able to attend the State Convention virtually and all voting will take place remotely.

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