Edwards Endorsed by State Senators and Representatives

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Recently, Lydia Edwards was endorsed by a group of State Representatives and State Senators, joining the long list of elected officials who support her campaign for State Senate representing the First Suffolk and Middlesex District. View video of this press conference on Facebook.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, House Ways & Means Chair State Representative Aaron Michlewitz and State Representative Adrian Madaro offered welcoming remarks reaffirming their support for Lydia for Senate. A number of state legislators joined them in endorsing:

State Representative Mike Connolly (Cambridge)

State Representative Marjorie Decker (Cambridge)

State Representative Kip Diggs (Barnstable)

State Representative Nika Elugardo (Boston)

State Representative Tami Gouveia (Acton)

State Representative Russell Holmes (Boston)

State Representative Jay Livingstone (Boston)

State Representative Joan Meschino (Watertown)

State Representative Liz Miranda (Boston)

State Representative Mike Moran (Boston)

State Representative Tram Nguyen (Andover)

State Representative Steven C. Owens (Watertown)

State Representative Tommy Vitolo (Brookline)

State Representative Maria Robinson (Framingham)

State Representative Dan Ryan (Boston)

“I first met Lydia Edwards in the legal field 10 years ago and I could see right away the qualities that still impress me about her to this day: Always fair, always focused, dedicated and fiercely loyal to her cause,” said Rep. Jay Livingstone. “I’ve seen her put together strong coalitions to get things done and Lydia knows you have to reach out to stakeholders and build partnerships. I’ve seen her do that through the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. We need Lydia’s energy and spirit in the State House.”

“I could talk to you today about Lydia’s experience, her expertise, her relationships, but I want to talk to you today about her passion and her dedication,” said Rep. Joan Meschino. “She will be a fantastic State Senator with the true commitment to lift up the issues facing her district and who will put the people first every step of the way. Lydia has the ability to walk into the State House and make a difference right now. I am all in.”

“We need Lydia Edwards in the State Senate. We know we have a housing crunch in Greater Boston and Lydia is the one with the experience and expertise,” said Rep. Steve Owens. “Lydia is an expert on transportation. I modeled one of my bills that I filed this session after an ordinance that she had been working on in Boston, and she is really a role model for me from afar. I was out on the doors this past Sunday with Rep. Connolly in Cambridgeport and we’re going to everything we can to help bring Lydia Edwards to the State Senate.”

Rep. Kip Diggs said: “The first person who called me when word got out that I was running for state representative was Lydia Edwards, and I was honored by her leadership and guidance. She reached out from Boston, and now I’m reaching with my support from the Cape. Vote for Lydia for the Senate!”

“As you can see, Lydia Edwards is a tenacious campaigner, but today you’ve heard how important she is as an advocate and that is why this race is so important,” said Rep. Dan Ryan. “I’m honored to have her as my City Councilor and I want her to be a member of the Senate. I have seen her knock every door and make every phone call, and bring people together who wouldn’t ordinarily come together. That’s what makes her a great candidate, a great City Councilor, and what will make her a great Senator.”

“We know that Lydia Edwards has the right values and the right policy proposals for this job, but what makes Lydia Edwards and unbelievable choice for the State Senate is that she understands that legislating is about teamwork. It’s about building relationships and finding ways to connect with people with whom you don’t always agree to move forward and build something positive. Lydia Edwards shows us that time and time again that she can work with folks from anywhere, on anything, and get a positive result,” said Rep. Tommy Vitolo.

Rep. Liz Miranda said: “I could spend the next few minutes explaining the 30-some-odd reasons why Lydia Edwards is qualified and has a phenomenal track record, but I want to talk about two other things. I am one of four black women who serve in this building – we make up 2% of the Legislature here in Massachusetts, and across the country we make up 4.5% of state legislatures, which isn’t enough. As a member of the Black & Latino Caucus, I am extremely excited at the opportunity to have Lydia Edwards as our next Senator, to be the third Black woman in its history since the founding of the Legislature. Because we know that when Black and brown people are elected, they not only represent the work in equity and opportunity on behalf of our communities but for everyone. We cannot equally serve the residents of this Commonwealth until we have a body that is incredibly effective. The other point is that 90% of politics is showing up. It’s not showing up when it’s easy or a time of accomplishment, or a time of achievement or celebration. It’s showing up when it’s difficult, when it’s hard, when it’s about pushing the Commonwealth to understand that we’ve got a long way to go on a lot of issues. Whether it’s housing or racial justice or just like later today, about hair discrimination and its impact on Black and brown in the workforce, Lydia shows up.”

State Senator Nick Collins (Boston) also endorsed Lydia Edwards, joining his colleagues who have previously endorsed: Senator Julian Cyr (Truro); Senator Jamie Eldridge (Acton); Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz (Boston); Senator Becca Rausch (Needham); Senator Cindy Friedman (Arlington); and Senator Eric Lesser (Longmeadow). Cambridge City Councilor-elect Burhan Azeem also joined today’s press conference with his endorsement, as well as Boston City Councilors Kenzie Bok and Ed Flynn.

Primary Election Day is December 14, 2021. Early vote in Boston begins on December 4 and will take place at City Hall and neighborhood locations to be announced.

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