Eastie Man Arrested for Carjacking Taxi

Transit Police arrested an East Boston man Monday in Braintree for allegedly trying to carjack a taxi driver and beating him up. 

Zaccaria Adan, 28, of East Boston was arrested by Transit Police Headquarters for booking after he was positively identified by the victim as well as a witness. 

The incident occurred just before 1 a.m. Monday when Transit Police received a call to the MBTA’s Braintree station for a report of an assault. 

When officers arrived they were met by the 57-year-old victim who works as a cab driver. The cabbie told police he was waiting to pick up a customer in the taxi stand at the Braintree MBTA station when he was approached by a male, later identified as Adan. 

Adan requested a ride and the victim explained he already had a fare he was waiting for. Adan responded by punching the taxi’s window and yelling obscenities. The victim exited his taxi and was then physically assaulted by Adan. 

Adan, with a close fist, began punching the victim about his face and head, eventually knocking him to the ground. Adan then began kicking the victim in the head. Adan then entered into the victim’s taxi and attempted to drive away but was unsuccessful. Adan then stole the victim’s cell phone and US Currency from the taxi and attempted to leave the area. 

He was arrested shortly after being identified. 

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