Edwards Files Hearing Order on Coordination of Construction Permits

Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards has filed a hearing order to discuss how construction and utility permits can be issued in a way that would minimize quality of life impacts on residents.

“I’ve heard from residents throughout the district about how they’re affected by having multiple construction and utility projects in their neighborhood at the same time,” said Councilor Edwards. “I’m filling this hearing order to bring everyone together and have a conversation about how we can make sure that essential work gets done in a way that minimizes the disruption to residents.”

The hearing order is also meant to address the issue of resident notification when permits are issued.

“Many of the issues that people currently face could be solved with proper notice,” added Councilor Edwards. “If people knew that a street was going to be closed they could plan ahead.

We have to make sure that residents are notified when there are utility permits issued in their area.”

The hearing order will be introduced at Wednesday’s council meeting and assigned to a committee. A public hearing will then be scheduled where members of the public will be able to testify.

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