Rami Laribi Set School Record at the State Championship

Lost in the Covid 19 pandemic was the elite performance of East Boston High School’s Rami Laribi at the State Swim Championship last winter.

Before school was closed and the state went into lockdown Laribi, now an EBHS senior, set a new school record and emerged as one of the fastest swimmers in the state. 

“He is one of a handful of the fastest swimmers in the Commonwealth and I mean a very small handful,” said EBHS swim coach Dave Arinella. “Rami broke the existing Eastie records in the 50 and the 100 Freestyle.  He swam a blistering 22.45 in the 50 Freestyle and an equally impressive 50.92 in the 100 freestyle. He gave as solid a performance as any swimmer at the State meet and he is now widely recognized as a dual threat against any sprinter in the State. He is a mega talent and everyone should have the opportunity to see him compete.  Stay tuned for his senior season providing we can have the season.”

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