Lendlease Using Future Piers Park II Site for Temporary Construction Parking

At last week’s Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA), Massport’s Anthony Guerriero announced that Lendlease had entered into an agreement with the Port Authority several months ago to use the future “Piers Park Phase II” site as a temporary parking area for construction workers.

For months Eastie’s elected officials such as Rep. Adrian Madaro has been fielding phone calls from angry residents in and around Maverick complaining that too many construction workers who are building the development at Clippership Apartments are parking in the neighborhood.

Over the past two years, Lendlease has struggled to find parking to accommodate its tradesmen from Cranshaw Construction.

“We also understand this has caused an inconvenience to the local East Boston community,” said Lendlease in a statement.

Last year Leandlease put forth a proposal that would dramatically cut down on-street parking by construction crews working on the waterfront development project near Maverick Square. Lendlease proposed the use of the waterfront parcel on Marginal Street that will be the future site of Piers Park Phase II for temporary parking for construction workers. The Massport-owned parcel is currently in the design phase and will be empty until construction on the waterfront park begins sometime next year with a finish date of 2023.

Massport is now allowing Lendlease to utilize the parcel as a short-term parking alternative for 100 vehicles. Originally Lendlease wanted parking for 235 vehicles, then it sought parking for 188 vehicles. After negotiations with Massport and the Piers Park Advisory Committee (PierPAC) the three groups settled on parking for 100 vehicles, said Guerriero.

As part of the agreement Lendlease will charge a fee for workers parking at the site that will be donated to local nonprofits. Guerriero said allowing Lendlease to use the site will in no way impact the timeline for the Piers Park Phase II construction.

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