ISD Kicks Off the 2020 Rodent Control Initiative

The Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD) conducted a code survey of several properties in East Boston.  Inspectors  canvased Eagle Hill, Jeffries Point, Saratoga, Bennington St. and Maverick Sq.   During the walkthrough inspectors assessed rodent activity, trash disposal, receptacles and vegetation all of and followed with a series of baiting and trapping on problem areas.   This campaign provided increased measures to address the rodent issues exacerbated by COVID-19 stay at home order which decreased garbage, trash and debris rodents tend to feed on.      

Inspectors set out in teams consisting of environmental sanitation, housing, health and building inspectors to conduct a joint compliance inspection.  Locations found to be a hot spot for rodents inspectors placed bait and set traps with the property and restaurant owners permission.  In addition, inspectors also educated merchants, residents, and property owners on the proper way to dispose of their garbage and all necessary measures needed to take to mitigate rodent infestation.   As a Nationally Recognized Leader in rodent control, ISD provides tough enforcement and educational campaigns to address the situation.

 As summer is fast approaching, rodents tend to become more active and visible.  Property owners must have proper trash receptacles with tight fitting lids and try not to put the garbage out for pick up too early. Business owners have the responsibility to maintain their storefronts, sweep once a day and make sure their dumpsters do not have holes, and that they close properly.  Pedestrians can also do their share by throwing all debris in trash receptacles.

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