Rep. Madaro Secures $50,000 for EBSC Early Ed Programs

In the House version of the state budget, Rep. Adrian Madaro added several earmarks for local organizations. 

One earmark that stands out is $50,000 to help support the East Boston Social Centers (EBSC) facility improvements that will support the EBSC’s Early Education programs. 

As an undergraduate at Tufts University, Rep. Madaro majored in child development, coached youth sports and, with his mother as the Board President, was involved in supporting the Social Centers at a very young age. Madaro said these experiences have given him a great appreciation for the importance of high quality Early Education in the neighborhood. 

“We know that everything starts young,” he said. “Children’s brains are developing, they’re formulating thoughts and learning from day one so it’s important that we invest as early as possible in the development of children and that’s exactly what the Social Centers does. The earlier you invest in a young person, the positive outcome that can come from those services increases dramatically. The sooner we can intervene and the sooner we can start to get at those children, the better for the long term.”

EBSC Executive Director Justin Pasquariello said he was very grateful for Rep. Madaro’s recent leadership in introducing the $50,000 state appropriation to help the Social Centers provide continuous high-quality early education and school-age programs with several upcoming facilities needs. 

Madaro said supporting the EBSC and its programs has been a no-brainer since being elected to office because it has long been an organization that has touched the lives of thousands of Eastie children and families over the years. 

“The Social Centers is an organization that touches everyone in the community from children all the way to seniors so it really provides services to the full spectrum of residents in our community,” said Madaro. “It’s also East Boston’s oldest non-profit recently celebrating its 100th anniversary. Really, the Social Centers is a cornerstone social services institution in the community. For that reason alone I will always support the essential work coming out of this important community institution.”

In regards to the $50,000 earmark, Madaro said EBSC has long filled a gap in the community for early education and childcare services to Eastie’s low-income and working families. 

“Given some of the challenges going on in East Boston, like the renovation of the Orient Heights Housing Development that once housed a EBSC childcare program, the Social Centers is feeling some pressure to find a way to deliver those services at a new location,” said Madaro. “It was critical for those families not to have a disruption in services so this earmark will be able to assist the Social Centers in relocating those services to ensure there is no disruption.”

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