NOAH- East Boston Survey 2018

NOAH has been working in East Boston for 30 years. As we prepare for our future, we want to hear from you.


East Boston is a peninsular neighborhood. 42,000 people live here. We are a very diverse community. It is and has been a great place to live. There are several matters which seem to, some would say threaten, our community. Among them, housing prices continue to escalate and the environment is changing. What issues matter most to you?


We surveyed people back in 2013 and are doing so again. Working alongside neighborhood residents of all backgrounds for decades now, we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish. However, as we plan for NOAH’s future, we want to gain your insight, ideas, critiques, needs, and possibilities, especially on some current issues.


Below are a few examples of the questions in our survey.

For the full survey, please visit:


  • Have you participated in any of NOAH’s Climate, Chelsea Creek, Resilience, or Environmental Justice meetings (past or present)? // ¿Usted ha participado en reuniones o eventos de NOAH sobre el Cambio Climático, Chelsea Creek, Resiliencia, o Justicia Ambiental (en el pasado o recientemente)?


  • What do you think are the most important/pressing climate and environmental topics for East Boston?

¿Cuáles crees que son los temas de mayor importancia para East Boston con respecto al ambiente y el clima?


  • If a major storm like a hurricane happened in Boston, do you know where to go and what to do?

Si una tormenta grande (como un huracán) ocurriera en Boston, ¿sabe a dónde ir y qué hacer?


  • What do you think about housing prices in East Boston? // ¿Qué piensa usted sobre los precios de las vivienda en East Boston?


  • What do you think NOAH should do to address this topic? // ¿Qué cree usted que NOAH debería hacer con respect a este tema?


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