EHCA Votes on Lexington St Development

At last Wednesday’s Eagle Hill Civic Association (EHCA) meeting the group voted 29-2 in support of a project on Lexington St. and then were briefed on several other projects that the group will vote on in the future.

The project at 53 Lexington St., which the group supported, includes the historic renovation of the building’s exterior. The proponent was asking the group to support his plan to add new rear decks to the building. The project was already approved by the group several months ago and the owner simply wanted to add the rear decks.

Next on the agenda, Attorney Richard Lynds updated the group on his client’s plans for 74 Brooks St..  The project includes the rehabilitation of existing mix-use building on the corner of Brooks and Bennington Streets.  The plans calls for to add an additional floor to the building bringing the total number of units from two to three and keeping the existing commercial space on the street level. The project would include a rehab of the facade of both the building and commercial space with new siding, windows, a modified mansard roof, Juliet balconies that Lynds said would all add character.

Lynds said he will come back to EHCA with commitments regarding exterior materials. EHCA offered input regarding the windows as well as commercial space uses where there was strong support for a coffee shop among the crowd. Some argued it would be the perfect location for a coffee shop due to the heavy foot traffic and the fact there is no other coffee shop option nearby.

Lynds also pitched another client’s plans for a condo development project at 113-115 Falcon St.  The plan is to combine two vacant lots and construct a four-story, six-unit building. The proposal also includes six parking spaces. All six units will be two-bedroom, two-bathroom units with decks off the rear of the building. The first level of the building would be all parking with the the three upper levels housing the condo units.

Lynds felt the proposed four stories would not have a negative impact on the surrounding community because the only abutter behind the property is East Boston High School.




EHCA recap. Attorney Richard Lynds briefs EHCA members on several development projects.

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