Ward I Democratic Committee Endorses Mayor Walsh, Passacantilli and At-Large Candidates

By John Lynds

The East Boston Ward I Democratic Committee last Wednesday held an endorsement meeting at the Paris Street Community Center to pick candidates that the group would support in the upcoming municipal elections.

Following presentations by the candidates the Ward Committee took an endorsement vote. With seventeen members in attendance at the time of the vote a minimum of 12 votes was required for a candidate endorsement.

The committee voted to endorse Mayor Martin J. Walsh for  Mayor; Councilors Michael Flaherty, Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi-George for City Councilor-At-Large, and Stephen Passacantilli for District 1 City Councilor.

“It is an honor to receive the endorsement of the Ward 1 Democratic Committee,” said Mayor Walsh. “I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in East Boston over the past four years, and I look forward to continuing the work I’ve started in this neighborhood, and across the entire city. Whether it’s ensuring that every child receives a great education or that every family can afford to live here by creating affordable housing, I will never stop fighting for the people of Boston. I will always strive to make this a Boston for all of us.”

Passacantilli, a candidate for the District 1 City Council that includes the neighborhood’s of Eastie, the North End and Charlestown, is hoping to fill City Councilor Sal LaMattina seat during the upcoming election. LaMattina is stepping down at the end of his term and Passacantilli will face Lydia Edwards, of Eastie, and Margaret Farmer, also from Eastie, during the Tuesday, September 26 Primary Election in Boston.

“I am honored to have been endorsed by East Boston’s Ward 1 Democratic Committee,” said Passacantilli. “Since May, we have been campaigning hard across every community in the district, and I look forward to continuing to meet with neighbors, listening to their priorities, and discussing my vision for District 1.  As City Councilor, I will always put the needs of our residents first.”

At-Large City Councilor Essaibi-George is running her second re-election bid since first being elected to the council in 2013. A Dorchester native, Essaibi-George was a teacher and softball coach at East Boston High School for many years and was elected to her second term in 2015.

“I’m thrilled to have the support of my friends in East Boston,” she said. “Eastie is very much my second home and it has been a privilege to represent East Boston as an At Large City Councilor. I am excited to hit the campaign trail again and I look forward to working hard for East Boston for many years to come.”

At-Large City Councilor Michelle Wu has enjoyed strong support from Eastie voters since being elected in 2013 at the age of 28.

“It’s been my great honor to represent East Boston over the last two terms, and to partner with the community on issues of livability, affordability, and sustainability,” said Wu. “The Ward 1 Committee stands for that same vision of a strong East Boston, and I’m so grateful for their continued support as I seek a third term.”

The candidates who addressed the committee in person last week included Mayor Martin J. Walsh and four candidates for City Councilor At-Large. The At-Large candidates included incumbent Councilors Flaherty and Wu as well as challengers Will King and Domingos DaRosa.

Passacantilli and Farmer were the only two District 1 City Council candidates that addressed the committee in person while Edwards sent a representative to speak on her behalf.

All certified candidates for the three offices were invited to attend. The candidates or their representatives  each delivered speeches about their backgrounds, qualifications and their platforms.

“The candidates presented great information and those in attendance asked some great questions, which spurred a lively and informative discussion,” said Ward I Democratic Committee Chair Michael Sulprizio.

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