EBHS Gets All New Windows

By John Lynds

Being located under a flight path, East Boston High School received soundproof windows from Massport decades ago. However, those windows are long gone and were replaced several times with windows from Boston Public Schools.

“The last round of windows lasted for a while but they are falling apart now,” said EBHS Headmaster Phil Brangiforte. “Some were falling out so it was getting dangerous.”

Brangiforte said some windows didn’t open and a majority of those that did needed to be propped up with a book or a stick to keep the window from slamming back down.

“It was really time and we were sending requests to BPS for a couple of years,” said Brangiforte.

Brangiforte said Bobby Smith who works for BPS Facilities really went to bat for the school.

“Bobby (Smith) really saw the need,” said Brangiforte. “He worked hard for us and was really on top of it.”

Now, BPS is spending the summer replacing every window at EBHS.

The city appropriated nearly $5 million for the project that includes replacement of all the windows and screens with new state-of-the-art windows and screens as well as cooling shades.

“The windows work on a cable so when you open them they open equally from the top and bottom,” said Brangiforte. “This lets the hot air out of the top and cool air in the bottom.”

Brangiforte said he was excited the project was finally getting done.

“The old windows were not energy efficient,” he said. “We were losing a lot of heat in the winter and because many windows in a lot classrooms didn’t open it got hot in the spring and summer.”

Brangiforte aid that BPS is also replacing the floors in the library and adding more computers and technology.

“So we should be in good shape when school starts in September,” he said.

Mayor Martin Walsh has made improving schools a cornerstone of his administration.

“Our top priority is improving our schools, and I am pleased we have been able to successfully work with the Massachusetts School Building Authority to make these critical investments that will improve our schools for generations to come,” said Walsh. “We know that modern learning environments best prepare our students for future success, and we will continue to prioritize infrastructure that is environmentally sound, propelling our schools to become even more efficient and cost-effective.”

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