Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

The new owners of Suffolk Downs, HYM Investment Group, have an exciting proposal to transform their approximate 160 acres of land in East Boston and Revere. HYM representatives have met with various community members and groups touting the benefits of their proposal for job creation, housing, and open space. At an Eagle Hill Civic Association presentation, I was especially pleased to hear HYM’s sensitivity toward the unique environmental features of the land including the creek and nearby marsh.

A development of this size—with benefits and impacts for the region—should be guided by a robust community process for its planning and community benefits programming. Engaged local residents should have access to independent, expert advice to fully understand the development and community benefit proposals. This is an exciting time to be a Boston resident and a community guided process for the transformation of Suffolk Downs will expand opportunities for families to live and work in our region.

Ernani DeAraujo,

East Boston resident

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