Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

My name is Adjie Burnett and I am the vice-president of The East Boston Pop Warner football program. We are a program that takes young inner city youths off the streets to teach them the game of football as well as other life skills. We hope that the things that we teach these children will carry on throughout their careers in high school, college and even in the workplace.

 I am proud to say that in the last three years,  we have worked very hard to bring this program to a positive and respectable recognition across the Eastern GBL conference. With the help of the East Boston Pop Warner board members, the parents, the great coaches that help out every year, the community and all that have supported us; We all together have brought this program to a point that we are all proud of. A point that we knew our program was capable of, but just needed some guidance to get there.

Over these last few weeks alone, we have made new strides. Our East Boston Pop Warner C team competed in the GBL Eastern Conference Championship,  where in a hard-fought game, they fell a few points short to Mattapan to become runner-ups in this conference. Which in my opinion, is still a wonderful accomplishment. Also, our F team competed in the tiny tot championships in Chelsea MA where they won the championship! We are so proud of all teams as well as the coaches.

I’d also like to mention that all the other teams in our program had a great seasons as well. The B Team, The D Team and The E Team all did an awesome job this season. They had wins. They had losses. But they kept their heads held high throughout each game and made us proud. Once again, I’d like to thank the coaches for helping us have this successful season. The children are the biggest part of our program and are the main reason why so many people participate.

However, we need more community support.  When it comes time to seek help we must look to our community for volunteers. We encourage volunteers to take a look at where our program was, and where it is now and be motivated by the positive growth demonstrated. Hopefully, they may actually want to get involved in making positive changes in these children’s lives. By attracting these positive groups of people, it could help us build a better program and keep us growing the sports Community larger here in East Boston.

I thank you so much for reading this letter and I hope that you will be able to edit it in your own words while keeping my words in mind.

Warm regards,

Adjie Burnett

East Boston Pop Warner Vice President


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