BPS Investigates Bullying at EBHS in Wake of Trump’s Win

By John Lynds

By now we have all read one story or another about U.S. Citizens, Muslims, immigrants and other minority groups being harassed by President-elect Donald Trump supporters following his surprise victory over Hillary Clinton onTuesday, November 8 Presidential Election.

However,  no one in heavily progressive liberal leaning democratic Blue State of Massachusetts, let alone the Democratic stronghold of East Boston, could have imagined that sort of harassment would hit home.

But it did.

The Boston Public Schools investigated an incident of cyber bullying at East Boston High School following Trump’s win.

The day after the election a EBHS student tweeted ““Trump won, so peace to half of Eastie High.” The tweet was instantly condemned by other students, 75 percent who are of Hispanic decent.

Another student replied, “Someone help me (expletive deleted) deal with people like this today please.”

The student of the original tweet replied, “Try hanging yourself.”

“The students’ actions have been addressed through the Boston Public Schools (BPS) Code of Conduct, which calls for progressive disciplinary measures that include joint mediation and sensitivity training up to detention and suspension,” said BPS in a statement. “The matter is under investigation by the East Boston High School headmaster, in partnership with the Boston Public Schools Office of Equity.  It will be addressed through the BPS Code of Conduct and the district’s nondiscrimination policy. Many of our students have been having positive, constructive conversations regarding the election and the complex issues that face our nation. This appears to be an isolated incident, and we are proud of the overall conduct of our students across the district.”

The student who was told to ‘hang herself’ reported that the boy had deleted the original tweet and later apologized.

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