Letter to the Editor

Facts are stubborn things

To the editor,

As I read last week’s East Boston Times, I had a good laugh over the page one story on the Massachusetts Republican Party inaccurately criticizing an amendment helping East Boston youth proposed by my state senator Anthony Petruccelli.

Since moving to East Boston over six years ago, I have known Petruccelli to be a voice and voter for all his constituents whether as a state representative or state senator.

Once again I was reminded why my stay as a registered Republican was quite short-term. To paraphrase Donald Trump, the state GOP must be run by stupid people.

If you are going to go after a Democratic state senator, make sure he wasn’t working with the House Republican Leader Bruce Tarr before getting all partisan over a measure that unknowingly to them had Republican support on Beacon Hill.

One would think that the state GOP chair, a Quincy elected official wouldn’t rush out a press release headlined, ‘Petruccelli’s Shady Wasteful Earmark Exposed By Baker Veto,” especially since there was no reported governor’s veto involved in this matter and there was nothing shady happening either The state Republican Party should have been supportive of an amendment to a bill that created more “job opportunity and economic independence for our young people.”

Thank you House Minority Leader Bruce Tarr and Senator Anthony Petruccelli, D-East Boston for crossing the party label aisle and working together in positive bi-partisan fashion to help our young people looking for job opportunities.

As John Adams, another Quincy politician said long ago, “Facts are stubborn things,” Message to state GOP leaders, next time have your facts straight first.

Sincerely, Sal Giarratani East Boston

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