Get Out and Vote for State Representative on Tuesday March 3

We in East Boston are very fortunate that we have five very qualified Democratic candidates who are seeking the nomination for state representative in the primary election set for this Tuesday, March 3.

The candidates are Ed Deveau, Camilo Hernandez, Adrian Madaro, Joe Ruggiero, and Lou Scapicchio.

All five candidates have been working very hard in their campaigns over the past two months. Those who attended the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association forum heard the candidates articulate very well their stands on various issues.

We know these candidates well and they know the issues that are important to our neighborhoods.

During the campaign the East Boston Times-Free Press has been running candidates’ announcements, press releases, position statements, stories, photos, and letters to the editor. The response to the candidates’ various new items has been tremendous, which can only lead us to believe that this is one of the most exciting and watched campaigns – albeit condensed – in recent memory in East Boston.

Some readers and various supporters of the candidates have asked the Times staff if we were going to endorse a candidate in this election. But our policy has been that the newspaper does not endorse candidates for office because we feel it’s an insult to voters to tell them whom to vote for.

Mother Nature has certainly challenged the candidates with the snowiest two months in Boston history. But they have endured and conducted their campaigns vigorously and enthusiastacally, drawing sizable crowds at their fundraising events in less than ideal weather.

And now the decision is in the hands of East Boston voters. We urge our neighbors to get out and vote this Tuesday. The candidates can ask for no better judges.

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