Good Luck Carlo Basile in Your New Position

We can only imagine how proud State Rep. Carlo Basile and his family are as he begins his new position in the administration of Governor Charlie Baker.

It is an esteemed honor to be called upon by the Governor to serve all the residents of the Commonwealth and we laud Governor-Elect Baker for recognizing Carlo’s talent and potential and for his decision to appoint Carlo as a member of his team at the highest levels of state government.

Basile will officially step down as our state representative Thursday at 5 p.m. concluding his outstanding tenure in the 160-member House. Carlo was a strong and confident voice for all East Boston residents, always looking out for their best interests. He always sought out opinions from his constituents about the issues at hand. He was accessible and approachable. He was a team player and that quality will be an asset in his key role in the Baker Administration.

His awesome vote total in the general election in November against a formidable opponent affirmed the high standing in which residents held him and the respect he had garnered for his accomplishments in the House.

It was no doubt a difficult decision for Carlo to leave his seat in the House of Representatives where he advocated so well for the best interests of all East Boston residents.

 We’re confident that Carlo will continue to excel in public service for Massachusetts and East Boston.

We wish the Charlie Baker Administration – and especially our favorite son, Carlo Basile – good luck in 2015 and beyond.

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