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Talking trash

Dear Editor:

This week I would like to talk some trash. First, I  have never seen the area around Day Square so clean until this summer when Bobby Diggins a friend of mine from South was assigned this area by public works. He deserves some credit for all work in keeping this busy commercial area clean.

There is however, something negative going on to which should be addressed. I live on Eagle Hill and like it here. This is a nice sub-neighborhood of Eastie. Thanks to Eagle Hill activists and the area’s civic group, the City of Boston installed many street corner trash receptacles so that the ordinary trash of the day was kept off the streets and sidewalks. There is such an idea as neighborhood pride and most Eagle Hill residents are proud of this place. However, obviously not all

How many times when walking around my neighborhood seeing people live their lives, I come upon one or more of this trash receptacles totally overflowing with household garbage sometimes rising above, around and all the ground. Recently, someone dumped a broken chair by its side. I have a feeling if the barrel was empty, it would have been placed inside it.

Eagle Hill residents cannot blame outsiders for these messes. As someone said, we have met the enemy and we are. it. I am almost tempted to ask the city to remove these street corner trash barrels because too many people don’t know how to use them properly.


Sal Giarratani

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