Satellite Dish Ordinance: Steps to Reality

The vast and incredibly ugly proliferation in this neighborhood and in neighborhoods all over the city of satellite dishes placed on the front facades of homes like antlers hanging over a fireplace is a situation about to be drastically changed, that is, if legislation filed by Councillor Sal LaMattina is passed by the Boston City Council.

All signs lead to the belief that LaMattina’s anti satellite bill is going to pass the city council.

If passed, the ordinance will focus on the installation, maintenance, use and removal of satellite dishes in East Boston and across the city.

The ordinance forces dish companies or subscribers who use dishes to remove inactive dishes on residential or commercial properties before a new one can be installed.

We welcome such legislation and we urge the city to vigorously enforce the ordinance which has much to do with aesthetics.

Enforcement of such an ordinance will lead to the disappearance of multiple satellites on the exteriors of homes throughout the city.

This is a good move.

Thank you, Councillor LaMattina.

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