Then Rain, the Chill and Short Memories

In early March, historic temperature highs were broken. Day after day the temperature rose into the 80’s. Many of us were walking about in our shorts and wearing polo shirts and enjoying the heat into the late evening.

Much of April was a bust – not bad weather, more warmth than some of us can recall, but mainly a bust when it comes to the heat, although the Boston Marathon went off this year and temperatures hovered in the high 80’s. April, it turns out, was the second warmest in recent history. Perhaps its just the bad ending that many of us become obsessed with.

Now we’ve entered May. The rain is needed but the chill is almost too much to bear.

It is that pervasive chill that is following us around day after day as April turns to May.

The thought persists – what then will the balance of this month bring?

If you can answer that one, then let us know what June is going to hold and what kind of summer is it going to be.

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