Reverend Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King would have celebrated his 83rd birthday last Saturday had he not been cut down in the prime of his life by an assassin’s bullet in 1968.

Our nation has moved forward with giant steps to bridge the racial divide since King first began his non-violent protest against man’s inhumanity to man.

Judging people and treating people by the color of their skin is past history as a result of his tremendous efforts for which he gave his life during one of the most turbulent eras in the nation’s history.

We are today a nation that celebrates personal freedom. We are a nation today largely absent of racial segregation such as that which divided the nation by color for so many hundreds of years.

We are not absolutely one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all – but we are always coming closer to that.

On the occasion of his 83rd birthday, we respectfully recall the great and powerful work of Martin Luther King and the sacrifice he made to bring freedom and equality to black people.

America today is a far better place than when King was born 83 years ago.

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