The Local Economy – Gambling bill grows more important by the day

Everything has changed about the national and local economies since the near collapse of the banking system in 2008.

That near calamity has turned the economic system upside down.

Locally, nearly all business expansion has come to a stop.

Foreclosures are abundant and their numbers are growing.

Jobs are scarce.

Unemployment remains unusually high – over 10% here.

Job creation is nearly absent from the local economy.

What to do?

We’re not sure, except to say, developments that promise 2,000 to 4,000 jobs need to be nurtured into reality.

This is why the expanded gambling bill is so important.

It is the only development possible locally that can change the lives of thousands of people.

The State Senate doesn’t need to re-write the House bill.

It needs to change it slightly and to act quickly – as quickly as possible.

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