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Oscar Predictions

Actress and model Gianna Simone, a former East Boston resident who is now living in California, has made her selections for the Academy Awards that will be presented this Sunday night on ABC-TV. For Gianna’s picks for the Oscars,

Full Moon Arising

Those who attended last Friday night’s campfire at Constitution Beach were treated to a celestial show. As the full moon rose over the beach it lit up the night sky and water. Dozens of residents at the beach for the…

An Eastie Love Story

All too often marriage vows fall short of the promise of “until death do us part,” but in the case of one man and his late wife, those vows went through a long and happy life – and then even…

Anti-litter Campaign

NOAH’s Community Building and Environment (CBE) Director Chris Marchi and one his East Boston youth workers Sebastian Londono pitched a new anti-litter campaign to the Jeffries Point community Monday.