A Special Event – Thanksgiving at Sacred Heart

For the past few years, Thanksgiving at the Sacred Heart Church has been one of this neighborhood’s most compelling events.

With the bad economy affecting so many this year as the holiday season approaches, Thanksgiving Dinner at the Sacred Heart takes on more meaning.

The chair of this year’s event is Crystal Basile, the wife of Representative Carlo Basile.

And of course, Father Wayne, the heart and soul of the church and of the church’s community efforts, will be there to provide spiritual and social grace and charm and interest in the people who come to be fed and to break bread together.

This year, as in year’s past, deliveries can be made and will be made throughout the neighborhood for those who request Thanksgiving dinners – and this is open to everyone – firefighters, police officers, city workers, those unable to get home for a Thanksgiving dinner because of work.

Also, this Thanksgiving Dinner is for everyone who wants a good meal on the holiday.

It does not matter where you are from – Chelsea, Eastie, Boston, Revere, Winthrop – the Sacred Heart Church is the place to be on Thanksgiving Day.

This is a fabulous event that draws together community leaders and organizers.

It is a wonderful event that says a lot about the Sacred Heart Church and everyone associated with it.

See you there – and if you want to volunteer, just let Crystal know.

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