The City Election – Menino’s victory

In East Boston, voters came out in huge numbers for Mayor Thomas Menino.

So his victory last week came as no surprise to voters here, and to his many, many loyal friends and supporters in this neighborhood.

Mayor Menino is a constant visitor and a good friend to East Boston.

In 16 years, this has never changed nor has it ever been more apparent.

During the next four years, the mayor faces the reality of a changing city, a difficult economy, rising voices of those who want change and a myriad of things that need to be dealt with.

We know the mayor well enough to believe strongly in his continued work ethic and with his belief that Boston should be an inclusive city rather than an exclusive place.

We know he will work a 24/7 schedule, that he loves it and that he will tend always to do the right thing.

The mayor is an honest man.

He has shown he knows how to run the city well.

We wish him the best.

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