Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association Meeting Recap

Last Monday, the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association, (JPNA) held its June meeting and members voted on three development projects as well as an update on Massport’s reconfiguration of Logan Airport’s gas station, App Ride/Transportation Network Companies (TNC) lot and taxi pool.

First up, Massport’s Community Relations Liaison, Jason Ruggiero, gave a presentation on the Port Authority’s reconfiguration of several existing lots on airport property.

Ruggiero explained that as part of the Terminal E modernization project Massportwill be moving the airport’s only gas station to the current TNC lot on Tomahawk Drive.

The soon-to-be newly constructed gas station will include a second location of the famed Meridian Market deli owned by the Noviello Family, a Starbucks and outdoor patio and seating area.

The TNC lot will be relocated to the current taxi pool lot that is close the Embassy Suites near Porter street, The taxi pool lot will go back to its original location between Massport’s office building and the Hyatt Harborside Hotel on Harborside Drive.

Ruggiero added that the gas station, complete with a sandwich and coffee shop will include free electric car charging stations for the community as well as raised crosswalks to slow down traffic on Tomahawk Drive and make the gas station/cafe more user friendly and accessible for residents living in Jeffries Point.

The relocated taxi pool on Harborside Drive will include a privacy screen that will provide a buffer between the taxi pool and East Boston Harborwalk.

Next on the agenda, JPNA members voted 22 to 7 in favor of a proposal at 283 Webster St. to expand living space into the basement, eliminate a large first floor deck and replace it with smaller porches for all three condo units. The proposal also includes adding a roof deck and landscaping the properties backyard that was overtaken by the previous large deck.

JPNA members then voted 19 to 10 in favor of adding a one bedroom, 700 sq. ft. unit at 277 Webster St. as well as adding rear decks to the building. Attorney Diane Modica said her client’s basement would be a perfect fit for an additional unit.

“It is over 700 sq. ft., the ceilings are over eight feet high and there is an at-grade patio right out the back door of the basement,” said Modica. “The entire unit will comply with all city codes.”

Modica said adding rear decks to the property would also give residents living there more opportunity to have outdoor space.

Lastly the group voted 24 to 5 in support of allowing the owners of 91 Webster St. to build a roof deck around an existing head house.

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