Shooting at Maverick Landing

Jennifer Pizarro

Property Manager of Maverick Landing

I am sure most of you know but if you don’t please note there was drive by shooting on Sunday, 1/24th between 1030pm – 1130pm luckily no one was hurt but a car was shot up.  Then yesterday evening while working here in the office I heard a noise and come to find out the EBPD contacted me moments later to state there was another shooting on Liverpool/London, about 4 shots fired.  The shooting last evening a bullet went right through a residents window and through her sofa in the living room.  EBPD and with the help of our security team have found ballistics for both incidents , which are being investigated. Again, luckily they are okay and no one was hit, but we cannot wait until an innocent person/child gets hurt or killed and then take a stand, we must take it now!!!!

 According to what they were able to gather these are younger males and they have not identified anyone as of yet, possibly driving in a black car maybe a HONDA.  We are allowing them to view the cameras per their request.  We believe this might be the same feud between our Maverick group vs. the Chelsea group, however because it is under investigation it is not yet confirmed.   I am attempting to hold a meeting (TAKING A STAND) on Thursday , 1/28th so that the EBPD can come , all residents will be invited and I was hoping staff of MLCS and volunteers of MAR will attend.  We really need to talk and reach out to the youth of Maverick Landing as well as the parents in regards to this ongoing issue.

 It would be great if MAR can do some door knocking to really get residents to come out and attend this meeting.  Many times we receive calls the day after a shooting asking, “what is management doing?”, “what is the police doing?” , “there needs to be intervention”, etc.…. which is all understandable but we need the community to join heads to come up with some ideas for intervention, reporting crime, and taking a huge part in ensuring that these gang members understand that Maverick Landing is not going to tolerate this violence or behavior.  We have several routes in which residents and nearby neighbors can report any type of drug or criminal activity anonymously.

 I will advise confirmation once the Captain has confirmed if 1/28th at 5pm works for them and again MAR are you willing to do some door knocking and urging residents to come to the meeting, please advise.

 Thank you!

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