We Need the Pledge Fulfilled

Going back generations, living in East Boston has always been for the most part safe.  While we were always part of Boston, many of the serious crime problems that were affecting various neighborhoods in Boston seemed not to be happening here.  Maybe it was the water that separated us from the problems.

However, that is no longer the case.  Crime that seem contained to other neighborhoods are now popping up in East Boston.  In September two teenagers were killed in violence on Constitution Beach and Trenton Street.  In January, the first Boston homicide happened on Falcon Street.  Last week, there was a double shooting at the Maverick MBTA Station.  Finally four shootings occurred at the Maverick Landing Housing Development on Monday.  Maybe it is a sign of the times that crime is a lot more violent and human life has become a lot less valuable.

We should add that various organizations like the East Boston District Courthouse, the Boston Police Department, and the Boston Center for Youth and Families are working with teenagers to steer them away from participating or becoming a victim of crime.

Regardless of what one’s take is on crime, East Boston’s violent crime is increasing.   Maybe it is just a blip, but this increase is troubling.

Back in September, Mayor Martin Walsh promised to assign more police recruits to be visible on our city streets and in our neighborhoods.  Police recruits would give the appearance of a higher police visibility.  Would this added visibility have prevented these shootings?  One can argue that point either way.  However, what one cannot argue is that a police recruit or officer, if seen by a individual who might be ready to commit a crime, would give pause to committing a crime.

We now call upon Mayor Walsh to fulfill his promise of additional police recruits on the streets on our neighborhood.  Like the old adage about chicken soup not being able to cure a cold but it cannot hurt, more police presence can only help.

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