Letter to the Editor: Supporting Joe Ruggiero

Dear Sir or Madam,

As our community moves toward the election of its next State Representative, we are fortunate to be presented with several talented and worthy candidates. One individual, however, has earned my support. That person is Joseph Ruggiero, III.

It has been my pleasure to know Joe for over twenty years. He has impressed me as someone who values education and who will impart the importance of education to the youth in our neighborhood. Joe has been a mentor to many young athletes in East Boston and he understands the life lessons that can be gleaned from participation in sports. Win or lose, teammates learn to help each other because the end result of team sports is not to benefit the individual, but to stay together for a common purpose. Working with Joe on the recent mayoral campaign for Marty Walsh allowed me to witness firsthand Joe’s strengths as a team builder and as someone who will work tirelessly to position East Boston as a true partner in city and in state government.

As a business owner, Joe has played a vital role in forwarding the growth of businesses in East Boston. Personally, in his role as a funeral director, he has assisted many families who have had to deal with the pain of losing a loved one. His sensitivity during those days immediately following a death has aided neighbors and friends who often are at a loss as to how to handle the many details that accompany such sadness.

Like so many in this community and in other cities and towns, Joe has faced many challenges in his life. His declaring ownership of his hard times and his reaching out to others in similar circumstances speak to Joe’s integrity. His empathy toward those suffering in the throes of addiction will be the catalyst to use his position as an elected official to work toward a solution to the addiction crisis that is crippling this region.

It is my pleasure to endorse Joe Ruggiero for State Representative for East Boston. I hope you will join me in voting for Joe on March 3.


Mary Berninger

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