A Solid Return – Ryan Lee Displays an Impressive Degree of Honesty in Returning $2,000

East Boston resident Ryan Lee found $2,000 in a plastic bag in the snow on Meridian Street two weeks ago.

The Project Bread employee did not pocket the money.

He took it to the District Seven police station and handed it over to the police.

What he found was a deposit waiting to be made from the Shell Station not too far away from where he was digging out his automobile. What he did has made him an overnight sensation in a world where very few would have done the same.

Mayor Menino declared February 11 Ryan Lee Day.

We applaud young Ryan Lee.

What he did is the product of a good upbringing and understanding clearly right from wrong.

We know how grateful the Shell manager was to get the money back he lost. We would remind him that honesty needs no rewards.

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