The New Library – Facility will be a source of pride for Eastie

The construction of a new public library in East Boston within the next three years is proof that city hall cares about East Boston after all.

The attempted closing of the Orient Heights Branch of the public library a few months back proved just the opposite – that city hall didn’t care about East Boston.

And there are those who believe that the city shows it does not care because a new library wasn’t built here years ago – while other neighborhoods got new libraries.

There is a bit of the schizophrenic in all of this.

City hall likes us. City hall does not.

City hall does for us.

City hall does nothing for us.

In today’s world, everything is about today not yesterday.

Most American’s understanding about history is what they can remember what happened the day before.

City hall planning to build a new library in East Boston, and standing by the pledge, and hiring an architect and choosing a piece of land – well – this is the stuff of a city hall that cares about East Boston.

With the economic climate what it is today, the prospect for a new public library in East Boston is made all the sweeter by the recent news from city hall making the speculation a bit more concrete.

There is going to be a new library to replace the outdated building that has become irrelevant, except for what goes on inside of it.

The neighborhood has a chance to aid in making this new public structure one of its most beautiful buildings – and useful, too.

All the information about it will shortly be available.

In the meantime, let’s rejoice in its coming.

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