Santarpio’s North – Pizza king expands empire

We want to congratulate the owners of Santarpio’s on their expansion to the North Shore.

The famous East Boston pizzeria, and the favorite of local pizza lovers for generations in this neighborhood and far beyond, has opened on Route 1 in Peabody.

It is a fabulous location if you’re in the area.

It is destined to be a great success because the Santarpios and Dave Modica know what they’re doing.

The new location does not deviate from the prescription that makes the East Boston location such an ongoing legend.

Friendly waiters. Great service. Outstanding pizza, sausage and lamb tips cooked on wood chips and served with a chunk of homemade bread and hot green peppers.

Believe us when we say, it does not get better than this in all of Peabody or the North Shore.

Santarpios will wow the North Shore.

The product speaks so clearly for itself that the North Shore will fall in love with it.

The day is not too far off when the parking lot of the new establishment will be insufficient to take care of the throngs who will seek out a Santarpio’s pizza.

That is the reality the Santarpios are facing.

So it won’t be too long before the family will be looking for another location, and then another location after that.

Success begets success.

We applaud the Santarpios on this first major leap out of East Boston.

We implore them to never change the product and to remain steadfast about replicating what they do in East Boston everywhere else they go.

If they do that, they are big winners in the years and the decades to come.

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