Finish It – Residents deserve a completed health study

Massport should pay for the completion of a nearly ten year study about the impact of the airport on local health because the state has no money to do so is a good idea.

About $200,000 is needed to complete the study, which seeks to measure the effects of planes flying overhead on everyone’s health in this neighborhood.

The health study should be finished in order to assure residents that life here may be a bit grittier, and the air dirtier, but that cancer rates and rates of sickness in general are not above the norm for neighborhoods of this kind.

The state has not shown much spine in canceling the study.

And no one is presently ready to come up to the plate.

As this is a public safety issue of the first order, perhaps our state delegation – Senator Anthony Petruccelli and Representative Carlo Basile – and our Boston City Councillor Sal LaMattina – should lobby for funding in order to finish the study.

A recent television news report on the cancelled study by the noted Boston Channel 7 investigative journalist Hank Phillipi Ryan caused widespread concern that something was being covered up.

Why else cancel the study so near to completion?

Ryan’s report seems reason enough to move forward with the study.

If she questions its findings, then we should.

Ryan is not a lightweight like others in the television news business pretending to be investigative reporters.

She’s won dozens of Emmy Awards and even the prestigious Peabody award during 30 years of on air broadcasting and news reporting.

We urge the state and or Massport to provide the funding to complete this important study – if for no other reason but to put people at ease about health impact that comes from living here.

If there is a serious health issue in this neighborhood, it is the duty of government to identify it and then to rectify it.

Anything short of this is the failure of government to live up to its responsibility to the citizens of East Boston.

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  1. Sandra
    May 20, 2010 at 9:01 am

    As I am writing this 6,7, 8,9,10,11 planes have gone by. I am right on the flight path from Beachmont to East Boston. I am in East Boston. To make a long story kinda short I was diagnosed with MS in 2004. (I do not think I am counted on the MS list in East Boston so make me 35) Did Logan Airport cause this? I am sure it did. How can airplanes flying over our homes a minute apart or less everyday, 7 Days a week 12,13 hours a day be healthy for us. What happened to them flying over the water? They do but take a right and fly over Beachmont and East Boston and the same when they leave the aiport. (That was something Massport promised us for something they wanted (I cannot remember what it was because they promise East Boston so much but it never happens and AGAIN Massport gets away with it.)
    I hope they are not able to build the parking garage near JP. I apoligize for going on and on but you see I am a little crazy by the constant noise flying over me. Last February I was let go from my job. 2009 was the year I was moving out of East Boston, now I have to suffer. Maybe a Massport employee should buy it. Especially since Massport said it is not huring the environment, health or anyones quality of life.
    I have written to a few politians but never received an anwer. Massport just tells me it is the way the wind is blowing and that is why. Apparently the wind blows the same way from end of May til end of September. Well at least someone will read this. (I put the same message on the Editorial titled Residents push for the Completion of study written by John Lynds, May 12th)
    Thank you

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