The following clarification is for the story that appeared in last week’s edition on Low Vision Group meeting story.

• “John Oliveira, Acting Commissioner for the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), Brookline, attended the August 16 Winthrop Low Vision Group meeting at the Robert DeLeo Senior Center to discuss the proposed $27.1 million FY2024 state budget as well as agency resources, such as occupational therapy and home care assistance.”

• MCB main office is in Boston.

• We do not provide home care assistance.

• “Massachusetts Commission for the Blind serves approximately 30,000 visually impaired individuals. Through MCB, those with low vision can join adult support groups, enroll in educational opportunities, gain access to case managers, and partake in social rehabilitation services. Volunteers can assist in reading mail and grocery shopping, as well.”

• The low vision support groups are not operated by MCB. We do provide funding to support the groups and let our consumers know the groups exist, however a person does not need to be an MCB consumer to attend a low vision support group. The majority of the low vision support groups, including the one in Winthrop, are operated by MABVI. The support groups on Cape Cod are operated by Site Loss Services.

• MCB does not have volunteers who read mail and grocery shop.

The items in red are in reference to the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, which is a separate non-profit organization. MABVI is located in Brookline, operates many of the low vision support groups, and has a volunteer program.Clarification

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